3-21-10 McKechnie Field

Today was our last day in Florida.  When I looked out my hotel window, it was overcast and drizzling.  Not good.
We still went to the field early just in case there was batting practice, and sure enough, there was.  The rain had let up.
Spring Training Statistics:
Game: 10 balls
Trip: 32 balls
Spring Training Career: 40 balls in 6 games



  1. Txbaseballfan

    Not a bad trip! Average just under 11 balls a game, that would be stellar in the regular season. Too bad you had to deal with the locals last game. Who’s Pitt playing opening day? Rangers are hosting Toronto (not the game of the week I’m assuming). Gonna attend an exhibition game Fri. 4/2 against the Royals, what are the chances there will be BP? Do you know? I’ve never been to one, I figure it’s just like another spring training game. Guess I’ll find out soon enough. Great job in Fla! Good luck this season!