3-19-10 Champion Stadium

My dad and I left Osceola County Ballpark early to attend the Tigers vs Braves game at Champion Stadium at 6:05.  I figured that the gates would open at 4.  We arrived a little after 3:30.

The gates were already open.
Meaning all of the Easter Eggs were gone.

There were already several ballhawks patrolling the outfield grass.  The gates must have opened at 3 or 3:30.

I ended up snagging fourteen balls today, which isn’t bad.  It was one short of my career one day record of 15 set on 9-24-09 between Progressive Field and PNC Park.

Game: 2 Balls
Spring Training Career: 22 balls in 5 games.



  1. crzblue2

    Wow! Is incredible how many balls you already have! Is interesting seeing how you retrive them. I ended up with one in my four days at Arizona (the Cubs/Dodger game cancelled) only because Manny Mota threw it to me.

  2. cougar914

    harassed by the kids huh, looks like there were alot to go around there, maybe not as many as pnc on a regular weeknight, two weeks til pnc, i was running on the north shore today and wanted to check out the field but the gate wasnt open, good luck the rest of the way at spring training,, i still have gotten no spring training in, my brother blew me off today to hang with his friends, i would like to get at least two sessions of practice catching hit pop ups, let me know when you can when you get back

  3. zackhample

    This brought back some great memories. I was there (at Champion) for the Rays/Jays regular-season series in 2008. It’s hard to snag when there are so many people in an open area. I do much better when there are actual seats.