Dave Matthews Band @ PNC Park in 2010

What are two things that I love?  Baseball and the Dave Matthews Band.

I just got word that Dave Matthews Band is likely to play PNC Park on July 10th, 2010.  This would break from recent tradition of playing their Pittsburgh Area shows at the Post Gazette Pavilion in Burgettstown.

The last time DMB played a stadium show in Pittsburgh it was at Three Rivers Stadium in July of 2000.  I was there, and it was my first DMB show.  Rather fitting that 10 years later, almost to the day, they would return and deliver another stadium concert.

It’s not uncommon for DMB to play stadiums, as in the past few years they’ve held concerts at such venues such as Fenway Park and Busch Stadium.

This will not be one of those cheap 70 minute concerts that follow a Pirates game.

No, this will be an actual full length concert that has nothing to do with a promotion to get fans to come to a baseball game to see a free concert and fireworks.

The question is now, will Pirates season ticket holders be able to purchase tickets before the general public?