9-19-09 PNC Park

For whatever reason, the Pirates had today’s game scheduled for 12:35 PM, on a SATURDAY.  Maybe it had something to do with Pitt having a football game at 6 today, but either way, it cost me a batting practice.

I got to the stadium at 10 AM, and this was the scene:
They were cutting the grass.  In the meantime, there were only three other people there during the first ten minutes of season ticket holder time.  Had there been batting practice, I would’ve been having a banner day.

Since there was nothing going on, I sat down and watched the autograph collectors scamper down to the front row whenever a Pirate player would poke their head out of the dugout.
Game:  1 ball (1 thrown)
Season:  356 balls (189 hit, 105 thrown, 62 device)
Games: 74 games (8 of which didn’t have BP)
Average:  4.81 balls per game
Career:  522 balls
Streak:  89 consecutive games attended with at least 1 ball snagged.
Attendance:  20,379
Race for 400 in 2009:  Need 44 in 6 games,  7.33 per game (I need a huge day soon…)