8-23-09 PNC Park

I hate Sunday games. 

I went down to the stadium and peeked inside, and saw that the batting cage was set up.  So, I entered the stadium.  Had there been no cage set up, I would’ve turned right back around and went home.

Upon entering the stadium, I got ball #1 tossed up from the bullpen by Ross Ohlendorf.  I called down and asked for the ball, and about a minute later, he tossed it up.  I jumped and made the catch over a portly Cincinnati Reds fan who would go on to give me an evil glare.

The gate would not open until 11:30.  Would you believe that while I was standing there, not paying attention, a player would toss up a ball that would actually bounce off of my head?  Well it happened.

Later, when the gates did open, I stood behind Jason Jaramillo to try and get the ball when he was finished. 
Near the end of Jaramillo and Brandon Moss’ warm up session, Moss would let one sail.  It went over Jaramillo’s head and landed on the warning track.  The ball took a large hop, which tipped off of my glove and went about ten rows behind me.  Awful.  I should’ve at least knocked that ball down.

Only the Pirates would hit today.

And this is what I had to deal with.
Game:  1 balls (1 thrown)
Season:  317 balls (166 hit, 93 thrown, 59 device)
Games: 66 games (7 of which didn’t have BP)
Average:  4.80 balls per game
Career:  483 balls
Streak:  81 consecutive games attended with at least 1 ball snagged.
Attendance:  21,209


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