8-20-09 Nationals Park

With the Pirates having an off day, and Cleveland facing a 60% chance of storms, I decided to take a trip to a stadium I had yet to visit.  Nationals Park.

I recruited several ballhawks from PNC Park to make the trip with me – Nick, Andrew, and Jamie.

After four hours and twenty three minutes, we were at the park.
photo(304).jpgAnd were the first ones in line at the Center Field gate, which opens at 4:35. 
Game:  11 balls (4 hit, 1 thrown 6 device)
Season:  305 balls (155 hit, 91 thrown, 59 device)
Games: 63 games (7 of which didn’t have BP)
Average:  4.84 balls per game
Career:  471 balls
Streak:  78 consecutive games attended with at least 1 ball snagged.
Attendance:  18,036


  1. Graham

    Congrats on double digits.
    Do you get disappointed when you snagged a practice ball rather than an official ball? I notice you snagged four.

  2. gregb123

    That ball on the bottom right is beautiful! It looks like it rolled through a puddle of melted green crayons.

  3. 333greystreet

    I was expecting the training balls from the Nationals. I really didn’t mind. I was more excited to get those first few balls out of the way. My goal for the day was 6 – to get to 300 – so I didn’t think twice at the time if it was a training ball or not. I know a lot of people absolutely hate these balls though.

    That last ball was ball #11 that I glove tricked from the gap. It must’ve picked up that paint off of the back wall. You’re right though, it does look nice – I like getting unique balls like that.

    Thanks a lot. Nationals Park is a great park to ballhawk in. I’m lucky enough to have a few great ones within four hours or less for ballhawking: Camden, Nationals, Progressive and PNC (for the first 30 min of STH time)


  4. puckcollector@optonline.net

    Security wouldve given you a warning before they took the glove away.
    And in the picture of ball 11, there was probably another ball under the wood, after i botched the glove trick in the same spot ( i had already been warned about using it, so i brought my glove up too fast and it hit the bars on the left side of the pic, and the ball fell out, and bounced under the wood)
    Good job though, but im surprised you couldnt get anything during the game.