8-6-09 PNC Park

Today, I was the first one in to the left field bleachers.  I had the whole area to myself for at least sixty seconds.  However, there were no Easter Eggs, and no home runs sailing into the bleachers.  Alas, I failed to get any balls during the Pirates portion of batting practice.

When the Diamondbacks came out to hit, I disappeared for a moment underneath the general admission bleachers to change.  However, I realized that I had left my Diamondbacks shirt at home.  I had taken it out of my bag last night so it wouldn’t get all wrinkled, and neglected to re-pack it today before I left.  I was grumbling at myself for being an idiot for a good part of the D’backs BP.

The crowd today was 17,000 – which doesn’t seem like a lot.  Unfortunately, during batting practice, fans managed to clog up all of the rows in the bleachers.  Most sections in the bleachers are only six rows deep, so once 5:30 rolls around, and all of the non-season ticket holders come in, it gets pretty jammed up.    It just takes one person to block a whole row.  Most people who come to batting practice just stand there and only react when a ball is hit right at them.
I’d prefer to always have a row open to my left and my right.  Today, it didn’t matter though, as I couldn’t move after any balls anyway due to my extremely slow-in-recovering back.

I did manage to snag two balls during the Diamondbacks portion of batting practice.  They were both in left field, and they were both with the glove trick.

I went to right field and center field during BP, but was shut out there as well.

After batting practice ended, I checked out the batters eye area in center field.
Game:  3 balls (3 device)
Season:  253 balls (131 hit, 82 thrown, 40 device)
Games: 53 games (5 of which didn’t have BP)
Average:  4.77 balls per game
Career:  419 balls
Streak:  68 consecutive games attended with at least 1 ball snagged.
Attendance:  17,311