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I was interviewed recently by Alex Prewitt, a sports writer for USAToday.  He came across this blog, and was intrigued about the Ballhawk League and ballhawking in general.  I spoke with him by telephone for 40 minutes Sunday afternoon.  He had lots of great questions, so I was really looking forward to the article.

The print version is a bit shorter than the online version. 

To read the entire online version, click HERE.

Here is a screen shot of the online version:
counting baseballs article 1.jpg
counting baseballs article 2.jpg


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  1. padreleigh

    I posted this on a previous entry, but added it here as well.

    Hi Erik….

    I’ve just caught up on reading some of your older posts. That was some debate about the use of devices. Another aspect of the debate is whether or not a stadium allows their use period. I feel that snagging balls with devices and counting them in our league is discriminitory. I do 90+% of my snagging at PETCO Park. The rules here forbid me using a glove trick or similar device at all. So, in any type of ballhawking competition like the Ballhawk League I’m at somewhat of a disadvantage. I’m sure there are a number of stadiums that don’t all devices as well where others in the league do their snagging. Alot of the guys who snag at stadiums on the East Coast that allow devices pad their stats up to 30+% or more with device balls. See my point? So, to be fair, in any kind of league the practice counting balls obtained by devices shouldn’t be allowed because some of us can’t do it. This would make it a fair playing field. I am all for the folks out there keeping those device balls in their personal stats like, but think they shouldn’t count in the ballhawk league. I hope everyone out there sees my point. I also like Zack’s idea about a point system. I’m all for that. Before next season I second the motion that a point system is established for the 2010 ballhawk league. Details of the point system to be voted on or established at a later date. We can all catch BP homers and have balls thrown to us, etc. , but we all can’t use glove tricks. Think about it folks…

    Leigh Barratt
    San Diego, CA