6-26-09 PNC Park

Ten games in ten days is quite a stretch. I’m not sure if I’ll make it to all of them, but we’ll see. It definitely makes keeping up with blogging a bit difficult. That’s why today’s entry is being completed at the ballpark on my IPhone.

The day started off with dark clouds, thunder, and lightning at the ballpark. Fortunately, it passed without raining. There would be BP.

I got shut out until around 5:20, when a Royals batter hit a ball that rolled onto the warning track in left field. I flung my glove out twice, knocked the ball closer, and reeled in ball #1 of the day. There were some skeptics watching me go for it, wandering how the ball was going to stay in the glove. So, when I pulled it off the track there was some faint applause heard.

I got ball #2 from a Royals righty who bounced it off of the warning track in left field. It took one bounce and landed in my glove two rows back.

The second Royals group was 3 lefties and 2 righties. I decided to go to the left field foul corner. Bad decision. I got nothing there. I went back to left.

The final Royals group was ALL lefties. I waited around in left for awhile, hoping to get a ball tossed up, but had no luck. Juan Cruz was especially rude. I soon noticed a ball in center field. No Royals were in any hurry to snag the ball.

I made my way over and used the glove trick to pull up ball #3 on the day. There was another ball there that was a bit farther out, but I let it go.

Batting practice ended soon after. I went to the upper deck, ending my ballhawking for the day.

At least it’s 6:32 pm and I’m already done with today’s entry!


Game: 3 balls (1 hit, 2 device)
Season: 210 balls
Games: 42 (5 of which didn’t have BP)

Average: 5.00 balls per game

Career: 376 balls



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  1. Alex

    I have a question from one of your previous entries. You said that you snuck into right field. So do all the season ticket holders have to stay in left field until all the other people without season tickets enter?