6-25-09 PNC Park

There were thunderstorms forecast for the area today, so I wasn’t sure if I was going to attend this game.  When 3:30 rolled around, the weather was beautiful, so I went.  It stayed sunny and nice into the evening.

I was the second one into the stadium, and the first into the bleachers.  Time to hunt for Easter Eggs.  There were none.  I think the sweeper guys have been picking them up.  They’ve noticed us ballhawks sprinting in and looking in every crevice, and may have caught on, picking up the balls just before the gates are to open.  I’ve seen them in the area the past couple days at opening time.

I got on the board early when Robinzon Diaz hit a ball that bounced over the fence near the left field foul pole.  The ball was directly at another ballhawk, but he misplayed the ball, letting it bounce right past him.  I ran over and picked up the ball for ball #1 of the day.

Ball #2 came from Ben Francisco of the Indians.  He hit a home run ball to left center field.  I was in the second row, and could tell that the ball was staying up.  I got up on top of the bleacher and made a full extension catch. 

At 5:30, I decided to run over to the right field wall.  The Indians had multiple left handed power bats pepper the right field seats with homers.  I got to right field at 5:30, but the gates were still closed.  I noticed one ballhawk was already up there.  How’d he get up there so soon?  No matter.  The gate was slightly ajar, so I slipped in and up the steps and found ball #3 lying where the red arrow is indicating to. 
I then left to go back to left field as I despise the right field wall.

I got ball #4 off the bat of an unidentified Indians hitter.  He hit a fly ball that landed on the warning track.  I was in the fourth row back.  Since it was a fly ball, it was going to take a high hop off the track.  I got up on the bleacher and made the catch over two Indians fans who were also going for the same ball.

That’s all the action I got today.

Today’s baseballs:
Game:  4 balls (4 hit)
Season: 207 balls (106 hit, 73 thrown, 28 device)
Games: 41 (5 of which didn’t have BP)
Average: 5.05 balls per game
Career: 373 balls
Attendance:  30,120


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  1. mattpeas

    I saw you in the Sizemore shirt at the end of Indians BP out in the bleachers. Was gonna say something but I lost you as you were walking up. Im heading to the game now. my first fireworks night of the year. Nothin better than Burgh fireworks. good luck!