6-18-09 Camden Yards

I decided to make one final trip this week to see a baseball game outside of Pittsburgh.  My brother joined me for the four hour drive down to Baltimore.  We arrived about an hour before the gates opened, and were the first ones in the park.

I ran to the right field foul pole to get early entrance with the season ticket that I had bought, and sprinted around the seating bowl.  When I got to left field, I had it all to myself for about 2-3 minutes. 

I found ball #1 laying in the front row.

Ball #2 was a home run hit by Adam Jones into the section closest to the bullpen.  I sprinted over and back several rows to pick up my second ball of the day.

Minutes later, Matt Wieters hit a line drive home run in my direction.  I ran to the spot where I thought the ball was going to land and got there just in time to make the catch of ball #3.  I was aided by the fact that there weren’t many season ticket holders that come to week day games.  Look at the crowd at 5:15:
Game:  6 balls (4 hit, 1 thrown, 1 device)
Season:   198 balls (98 hit, 72 thrown, 28 device)
Games: 38 games (5 of which didn’t have BP)
Average:  5.21 balls per game
Career: 364 Balls
Attendance: 23,009



  1. ijwx87

    Have you seen the Citi Field commermotive ball?
    You will be greatly dissapointed by it.

  2. txfilmmkr

    Uggh. I hate guys like that. I had an older guy in the most awful Hawaiian shirt try that with me at the Rangers’ bullpen in Arlington. I asked a grounds crew member to kick a ball a bit closer to the wall so I could reel it in. As I was setting up this jerk tried to come and fish it out with his lame cup. I boxed him out and he was still trying to swing it over me so I just reeled his cup in and stepped on it until I brought MY ball up. He learned after that because he’s avoided me since.

    Donny in Houston