6-1-09 PNC Park

The Mets are in town.
I had one objective for today’s game:  snag a Citi Field commemorative ball. 

I got to the gates a little after 4 PM and was first in line.  When I entered the stadium, there were no Easter eggs to be found.

I got ball #1 off the bat of Robinzon Diaz.  He hit a home run to the section to my right.  I battled the sun and snagged the ball without incident on the fly.

Ball #2 came off the bat of Craig Monroe.  It was a deep home run to my right.  I could tell that it was going well over my head, so I raced up the stairs.  The ball bounced and disappeared under the rotunda/bleacher area. 
Game:  5 Balls (2 hit, 1 thrown, 2 device)
Season:  143 Balls (63 hit, 60 thrown, 20 device)
Games:   29 Games (25 with BP, 4 without)
Average: 4.93 Balls per Game
Career:  309 Balls
Attendance:  11,812