5-23-09 Consol Energy Field

With the Pirates on one of their longest road trips of the year, and the second closest MLB team, the Indians being out of town, I decided to head to Washington.

No, not Washington DC, Washington PA.  Its a small town about 40 minutes south of Pittsburgh.  I actually spent four years of my life in this town while I attended Washington and Jefferson College.  Its a great town and a really nice area.    The minor league team there is the Washington Wild Things.

I attended this game with my wife, and we arrived in the parking lot around 4:40ish, and batting practice was already under way.  The plan was to snag my first career minor league baseball.  I had attended only a couple minor league games in my life (once in New Britain CT, and twice in Altoona PA).

When we arrived, we were surprised to see one of PNC Park’s regulars sitting beyond the outfield wall.  His name is Dan, and he is also a season ticket holder for the Washington Wild Things.  He was able to give us some helpful pointers about the ballpark, food, etc.

Anyway, there wasn’t much competition, like at Major League games.  I stood beyond the outfield fence and just waited.  I could’ve even just sat down and waited.

The view to my left.
The view straight ahead.
Check out the amazing cross aisle that I had behind me.  (We asked for the best seats and were given handicapped seats). 
In the first inning, I came really close to a foul ball that landed in that aisle.  It bounced and was in the open on the ground, when a little kid darted out of no where and got it a split second before me.  That was the only foul ball in the area all night. 

I was rather annoyed around the 6th inning, when a milk and cookies table was set up right behind my chair, and seemingly half of the crowd lined up behind me.  Were these people serious?
A few pictures from the game:
100_1422.jpg100_1421.jpgThe balls that I snagged: (do not count in my season totals.) 
I marked them ML 1 and ML 2, for minor-league 1, 2.  I do something similar with my spring training balls, marking them ST 1, etc.  For real game balls, I just put the number. 




  1. MLBallhawk

    Erik –

    The Ernie Banks photo was pretty cool. Ya gotta love Minor League Ballparks. I worked in minor league baseball for the past 12 years and even when working you find it hard not to run after a ball!

    Baseballs 4 MADD
    Major League Ballhawk

  2. bloggingboutbaseball

    Hey, it’s a good way to pass the time until your Pirates get back home. Thanks for posting pics of the baseballs. I’d never seen Frontier League balls before. That reminds me… I’ve got to snap a photo of a Big West ball from here at UC Irvine.

  3. .

    Wow. That ball says Wilson on it haha. So weird. Anyway, it’s good to see you got to a game, Erik. I was thinking about attending a Minor League game that plays 15 minutes from where I live earlier this month. It never happened because of rain, but the summer is amongst us, so who knows? Lol, snagging at minor league games. I can’t ever imagine doing that every night hahaha.

    – Donnie