5-17-09 PNC Park

Since there was a lengthy delay last night, the game ended late.  I knew there was a good chance that there would be no batting practice.

I was right.

My mission was to avoid getting shut out for the first time since August 2008.  I began the day in the bullpen area waiting for two Rockies pitchers to finish their side sessions.  When the pitchers were done throwing, they handed them to the bullpen coach, who then tossed them into the bag.  I put in a request, but it was ignored.

I then went to the right field line as Rockies pitchers began to throw.  Many pitchers threw in doors today, but some came outside to catch.  I first lined up behind Jason Hammel and Taylor Buchholz (? i think). 
Game:  1 Ball
Season:  120 Balls
Games;  24 Games (20 with BP, 4 without)
Average:  5.00 Balls per Game
Career:  286 Balls
Attendance:  14,545