5-14-09 PNC Park

Today wasn’t a good day.  I was first in line at the stadium.
But there were no Easter Eggs.

Luckily, as soon as I walked in, Ian Snell was picking up a ball and tossed me ball #1.

Then, the cold spell began.  I didn’t get any more balls during the Pirates portion of batting practice.  The Cardinals came out.  Still nothing.  It was  5:50 and I headed to center field for the last part of batting practice.  Chris Duncan is the Cardinals best home run hitter in batting practice, so I was there waiting.

He hit a few home runs that came close to me.  One landed in an empty chair.  I was the only one running for it.  Some random guy sitting 2 rows behind the ball saw me running, and lazily got up and picked up the ball.

It was 6:00 PM, and I had only one ball.  I was thinking to myself, “You really suck.  You’re the worst ballhawk in the entire stadium.”  Moments later, Duncan hit a ball into the 5th row of section 139.  I was in Section 141 and took off running.  Myself and a legendary ballhawk named Jim were both after the ball.  We both arrived at the same time, however I entered the row that the ball was in, and he was one row up.  I was able to snag the ball just in time to get ball #2.  A few seconds later, Duncan hit a ball to the same spot, except another row up.  Jim and I were off to the races again.  Again, I got to the ball a split second faster and got ball #3.  Walking back to my seat, I found an easter egg ball wedged between the cement and a seat back.  There was a lady sitting close by, so I casually walked over and picked up ball #4.  As soon as I picked the ball up, the Cardinals ran off the field, ending their batting practice.  Not a bad finish after being stuck on 1 ball for almost an hour.

I tried to get a ball from Karstens,

Game:  5 Balls (3 hit, 2 thrown)
Season: 113 Balls (50 hit, 50 thrown, 13 device)
Games:  21 games (18 with BP, 3 without)
Average:  5.38 balls per game
Career: 279 balls
Attendance: 12,347



  1. padreleigh

    Hi Erik…

    Way to salvage a pretty good day of ballhawking. I am getting really tired of all the haters during bp. None of them have gloves usually. Today I totally saved some OLD lady from getting nailed by a ball in FACE. After the catch everyone was all like…..give the ball to the lady. Give the ball to a kid. Dammit, just shut up and get your own baseball. Geeze.


  2. cookandsonbats

    i am not a ballhawk, but I do take my glove to all games and i enjoy trying to get the occassional ball with my son (4 so far this season in 10 games). I gotta say that guy must hate life. That is just ridiculous to inject that negativity into a day at the ball park. I’ve been to PNC Park about 4 times and that guy certainly doesn’t seem representative of what I have seen from the fans in Pittsburgh.

  3. .

    Erik, way to build up your count +4 after the only one you snagged was right when you walked in. The dry spell hit me last week as well, but I was shutout until the end of Braves BP. Definitely a close call. There is always competition and words flaring back and forth from one human to another in New York, no matter if the catch you made was clean or if you robbed someone. I’m not a fan of it at all either brotha.

    – Donnie