5-5-09 PNC Park

100_1175.jpgHappy Cinco de Mayo!

I attended today’s game with my wife.  I had to wait for her to get home for work, so we didn’t get to the stadium until 4:55 PM, just in time before the 5 PM gate opening.

Usually I get 1 ball during the Pirates portion during the week (they only hit for about 10-15 more minutes after the gates open).  Today, though, I had 4 balls by 5:04.  I’ve never gotten off to a start like that in my life.

Ball #1 was tossed from Nyjer Morgan. 
Game:  10 balls (4 hit, 4 thrown, 2 device)
Season:  84 balls (32 hit, 43 thrown, 9 device)
Games: 16 games (13 with BP, 3 without)
Average:  5.25 balls per game
Career: 250 balls
Attendance: 9,775


  1. padreleigh

    You’re getting really good at this ballhawking thing. I totally get it about the wife situation. Mine normally doesn’t go with me, but we have a game date for May 19th. We’ll see what happens with that. Nice entry.


  2. mikeindetroit

    Congrats on double digits. That’s awesome. Especially with your wife in att. I know your challenges in that scenario. Looks like you and I might have the same snagging glove. (Mine is a Rawlings Ken Griffey Jr. Model. 12.5 inch. Model # RBG6BCF.). IMO, this glove is perfect for snagging. It has a nice strap in the back of the wrist area for the string to wrap around for the glove trick.
    I agree with you. I love getting the starting picthers pre-game warmup ball. I always go for the one from the visiting team though. There is way too many little kids waiting for the one from the Tigers. Wqs pretty neat yestrday. After Nick Blackburn was doen warming up, he tossed the ball to R.A. Dickey. When I asked R.A. for it he threw me a knuckler. Very cool.

    Mike in Detroit
    (BTW, I snagged ball #250 of my young BallHawk career yesterday from Jesse Crain (who overthrew it to R.A. Dickey while warming up before the game. Had to use my string to throw my glove out 3 feet and drag the ball back to me.) Sweet….

  3. ijwx87

    Nice post. I was at this game. I was like 10th in line to get in the stadium, I thought I saw you in line, but I was not sure. I got 3 balls at this game. I posted it on my blog site. And were you in Section 140 during BP in a Ryan Braun shirt, if you were then I was right next to you in a white Brewers shirt. Check out my blog post of this game.


  4. cougar914

    Hey erik this is nick from pnc, I wanted to get into the ballhawk league. Can you let me know what info I need to give you to get started. Email me at snasnerual06@hotmail.com. Im thinking that it is just hit balls (to include easter eggs), thrown balls, attendance, and specifying game balls. My brothers email is pittsburghballhawk@hotmail.com, I think he wants to get in also.

  5. bigglovebob

    Nice job Erik, I am glad you didn’t let the fact that that broad took the ball right in the mush stop you from claiming your prize! People need to pay attention.

  6. 333greystreet

    My average is slowly going up. I’m pretty happy to be averaging over 5 a game. Last season I averaged like 2.2. The big difference is I’ve been asking for balls from players this season.


    Pretty cool that we both snagged our 250th on the same day.

    I think I saw you a row behind me in center. I didn’t stay there for too long though.

    Our season tickets are the cheapest ones, $5 a seat. When my wife goes, she prefers to sit in the upper deck seats. When I go, I prefer to sit in the bleachers or stand in center field, so I can go for the outfield warm up balls every inning.

    I just sent you and your brother an email. I’ll add you to the ballhawk league mailing list, and you’ll receive an email Saturday or Sunday asking for your updated stats.

    I hate it when fans come to batting practice and sit down in the bleachers. It blocks the rows and limits my range. That said, people do need to pay better attention.