5-4-09 PNC Park

Throughout the day, I thought for sure that batting practice would be canceled.  It was raining this morning when I left for work.  Raining when I went to lunch.  Raining when I left work.  Drizzling when I left for the game.  So, imagine my surprise when I walked past the left field gates and saw the screens and cage being set up.  (The Pirates needed the extra BP after not hitting a home run in more than a week and getting shut out yesterday).

Upon entering the stadium, there was one Easter Egg ball, but another ballhawk got to it first.  The Pirates portion of batting practice was slow for me.  I got ball #1 when Jason Jaramillo tossed me a baseball before the Pirates finished up at 5:15.  Jaramillo was very gracious to all three regular ballhawks in attendance, hooking us each up with a ball.

The Brewers then came out and hit.
Maybe I should’ve tried for foul balls during the game?

A few action shows:

Paul Maholm deals:
100_1145.jpgYovani Gallardo to Nyjer Morgan:
Gallardo throws a pitch:
After Matt Capps blew the save and gave up 4 runs in the 9th, I went to the Pirates dugout.  (the Pirates lost their SIXTEENTH game in a row to the Brewers).

I usually get shut out at the dugout, having only received one ball there this year before today.  The umpire, Bob Davidson came off the field and tossed me a really nice rubbed up game ball.  Ball #7

Not a bad night after all.

Here’s today’s balls:
And the sweet spots: (the 4th ball from the pitcher in center had MVP written on it)
The umpire ball is at the front and center.
Game: 7 balls (2 hit, 5 thrown)
Season:   74 balls (28 hit, 39 thrown, 7 device)
Games:  15 games (12 with BP, 3 without)
Average: 4.93 balls per game
Career:  240 balls
Attendance:  8,482



  1. Ballhawk Shawn

    The Brewer who gave you ball #4 is Mark “Deefer” DeFelice. I should know, he shuts me down nearly every time I see him. GOD AM I JEALOUS… 8,482. I would pay double, no, triple my ticket price to ballhawk in a stadium of under 10,000.

    Tip: He’s affectionately knows as “Deefer” in Milwaukee. Try calling him by that name if you attend another game… He may think you’re a Wisconsinite and hook you up again! It doesnt make me feel that bad anymore knowing my team is as stingy on the road as they are at home.

    Best of luck.



  2. Txbaseballfan

    Nice haul! Is the “MVP” ball one of those infamous random writing balls from Milwaukee? Probably. Anyways, I love the ball with all the grass stains, those are usually the best because your mind starts racing about how all those marks got there in the 1st place. Keep up the awesome work!

  3. .

    Rackin’ ’em up baby! I’m looking to have one of these days this upcoming week. We’ll see what the luck brings to me. I’m also enjoying the photos you are recently posting at the beginning of your entries — fish eye/panoramic effect, pretty sweet shots. Good luck next game brotha!

    – Donnie

  4. puckcollector@optonline.net

    Ok, i just read your response to my comment on the ballhawk league.

    Ig exhibition games dont count, then i have not been to an “official” game this year yet. my only game was the exhibition game on April 3rd at Yankee Stadium.

    so that needs to be changed in the stats for the league

  5. padreleigh

    I thought the Padres’ attendance was bad. Your stadium is AWESOME. I totally need to go there some time. Is there a Hilton Hotel downtown within walking distance of the stadium?


  6. 333greystreet

    Thanks for the tip. I need to watch a few more Brewer games so I can be able to identify the pitchers better.

    The MVP ball is the one Defelice tossed to me in center. All of the other Brewer balls that I got in this series just had a line drawn across the sweet spot.

    They are real stingy. Next time they’re in town I’ll have to be a little more brazen with the glove trick while they’re on the field.

    Thanks. I figured out how to use the panorama feature on my camera a week or two ago.

    Just update the stats and take that game off on the next ballhawk league update.

    I don’t think there’s any Hilton hotels in Pittsburgh. Maybe closer to the airport.