I drove out of state to attend a game and snag some balls today.  Within the first MINUTE, I suffered a gruesome injury which ruined batting practice and the day.
No, that’s not a baseball under my skin…

More later… I have to update yesterday’s 4-24 entry.



  1. gobuccos25

    Holy Crap…Hope your back in action soon enough if that’s possible. That really sucks man, I’ve been playing baseball since I was 6 and never suffered something that bad. Again, hope you’ll be OK.


  2. .

    Wow dude, that does look like you stuck a baseball inside of your skin. Why did you decide to stash it, if you don’t mind me asking? This shouldn’t affect you brotha. I understand you might not be able to walk, but you should just position yourself in the best spot possible until you can actually start walking again. I’m not a doctor, so I can’t tell you what will help, but I can at least say feel better. I’m goin’ to tomorrow’s day game at Citi, so afterward I’ll email you my stats from both games this week.

    – Donnie

  3. padreleigh

    Well, I am a doctor (I can only practice in the Philippines haha) and your ankle is officially messed up. I am going to advise a bunch of Advil and stay off of it for a couple of days. Don’t forget to ice it to reduce the swelling. Man, that looks nasty. I hope you feel better bud. The Pirates SPANKED us tonight and I got no baseballs at all. All I got was robbed twice. Oh well. I emailed you the official stats for my ballhawking for the week. I won’t even have another home game until May 4th. Uggh. Feel better.


  4. mikeindetroit


    Holy Crap. Snagging can get dangerous. I suffered a cracked rib and a skinned up leg last season. This year I almost broke my nose doing a Derek Jeter style face plant into the seats going for a line drive. (luckily I caught he ball..)
    Fun Stuff,

    Mike in Detroit

  5. 333greystreet

    It’s Tuesday and I’m feeling about 50% better. Its still swollen. I think I’ll be back in action sometime this week.

    I really couldn’t walk at all on Sunday, but I’m able to hobble around now a few days later. I’ll be back soon.

    Sorry to hear you got shut out. It happens. I was shut out a hand full of times last year.

    I’ve gotten my share of bruises over the past 2 years. Its worth it though when you come up with the ball.

    Its pretty purple now. The entire bottom of my foot is a purple line. Both sides of the ankle are bruised. At least its feeling better today.