4-24-09 Progressive Field

I kicked off this weekend with the last of my April games.  I had wanted to snag 60 balls this month, but in retrospect, that’s probably unreachable.

I went to Cleveland with one goal:  snag a Minnesota Twins’ HHH Metrodome final season ball.  It was the first time I’d been back to Cleveland since August 2008.

I got the stadium, almost an hour early, so I took some pictures.
100_0934.jpgA closer look at one of the commemoratives:

Game:  6 Balls (2 hit, 4 thrown)
Season:  48 Balls (17 hit, 25 thrown, 6 device)
Games:  10 Games (8 with BP, 2 without)
Average:  4.80 Balls per Game
Career:  214 Balls
Attendance: 20,215



  1. puckcollector@optonline.net

    can somebody please tell me what the email address is for the ballhawk league.

  2. padreleigh

    Hi Erik…

    The Pirates were VERY GENEROUS today during BP. I was very impressed. I wish I would have had some Pirates gear to wear. They threw balls up to plenty of Padres fans though. I only got four today which is good for me. Three thrown and one caught. Two toss ups from the Padres and one from Craig Monroe. I also made a nice catch on a bp homer by Monroe as well. I got a big hand from the fans. It felt kind of nice. The Pirates mostly threw to the younger crowd, but the important thing is that they did throw in the first place. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s bp alot. Oh yeah, I also got a new Mets’s innaugural commemorative during bp from one of the Padres toss ups from today. Overall a good day for me. I’ll take it. Take it easy.


  3. puckcollector@optonline.net

    Ok thanks erik. i just sent you a message to make sure that it works.

  4. .

    The staff at Citi Field is the same way with easter eggs. When I got the left field yesterday, there was already four staff members chillin’ in the seats waiting for home run blasts until they noticed people coming over. I didn’t find one, but got three one the day at least. So, if you ever come to NY, you now know that Citi Field staff members ruin our fun also.

    – Donnie

  5. bigglovebob

    Erik, I am glad that my Twins were nice to you. Sweet commemoratives! I saw that your ankle is screwed up. I am not a doctor although I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express once and I prescribe a 12 pack of beer and lots of rest.
    My Twins were out of town all week so I have no stats to report.
    Get well soon!

  6. 333greystreet

    Congrats on the Mets ball. The Pirates usually are rather generous with giving balls to fans. I usually get a majority of my thrown balls early in batting practice from them. When there’s larger crowds they tend to give them to little kids instead.

    I’m not sure if I’ll make it to Citi Field this year. The best bet would be in 2 weeks when the Pirates visit. I wish the ushers would just leave the balls alone.

    The Twins balls are great. I’m glad I got a few.

    I was only wearing the Twins stuff because I had a better chance of getting a ball from a Twin than an Indian. I forgive you for yelling at the screen.

  7. cougar914

    Hey erik this is nick from pnc, I wanted to get into the ballhawk league. Can you let me know what info I need to give you to get started. Email me at snasnerual06@hotmail.com. Im thinking that it is just hit balls (to include easter eggs), thrown balls, attendance, and specifying game balls. My brothers email is pittsburghballhawk@hotmail.com, I think he wants to get in also.