4-19-09 PNC Park

I dragged myself out of bed after about five hours of sleep and went to today’s game.  I was hoping there would be batting practice today.  Even though it was Sunday, I thought maybe since yesterday was an afternoon game, that there would be BP.  I was right.

I decided to first ask Nyjer Morgan for a ball. 
He was being asked by another fan to my right who had a Boston Red Sox hat on.  Nyjer came over and said, “Turn your hat around.”  The kid wouldn’t.  Morgan said, “Can’t do it, dawg.”  He proceeded to throw the ball to another fan wearing Pirate gear.  Soon after though, I got ball #1 from Nyjer Morgan.  I called his name and he tossed it up to me.

That was it for the Pirates portion of BP.  The Braves then came out and hit.  A ball rolled to the wall in left field, right at the 325 ft. marker.
Game:  3 balls (1 hit, 1 thrown, 1 device)
Season:  29 balls (13 hit, 10 thrown, 6 device)
Games:  7 (6 with BP, 1 without)
Average:  4.14 balls per game
Career:  195 balls
Attendance:   14,776


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    Jeez man! Another three ball day. I guess you’re consistent with these kind of trips to the ballpark? That’s a lot better than what I’ve accomplished brotha! I definitely have to try and get out to PNC Park and try to get myself some of those season ticket holder ticket stubs. They look pretty sharp. I like when the tickets are larger than normal, unlike the box office tickets the Mets distribute, as well as those Pirates box office stubs. That ball pictured on the bottom looks SO crisp! Yankee Stadium tomorrow, “dawg!”

    – Donnie

  2. MLBallhawk

    If only we could use the glove/cup trick in Anaheim! I will finally get to my second game of the season tomorrow and keep an eye on my MLBlog late today because I should have news on raising money for MADD. I will be talking with them in an hour or so to finalize doing something similar to what Zack is doing for Pitch In For Baseball. What I am doing obviously comes from the Adenhart tragedy and raising awareness and money for Mothers Against Drunk Driving!!

    Major League Ballhawk

  3. 333greystreet

    I’m a big fan of season tickets too vs box office tickets. The real crisp ball was the one I reeled in using the glove trick. Good look at Yankee stadium. I’ll check your blog to see how you did.

    Good luck with your MADD fundraising a lot of Angels fans out there will support your cause in the wake of the Adenhart tragedy.


  4. padreleigh


    Nice job on a Sunday. I never get crap on Sundays. It’s my bad luck day. I’ve started my scouting report for the upcoming Pirates series. Who, in your opinion, are the big bombers that are going to hit the bp homers to LF? Do the Pirates group their lefties together during bp? Anyway, let me know. Later…