4-18-09 PNC Park

I could only attend batting practice at today’s game because I had Dave Matthews Band tickets for later tonight.

Since today’s game was to begin at 12:35, I feared that there would be no batting practice.  Usually on day games after night games, there is no batting practice.  However, when I was walking to the Center field gate, I could see this. 
I got to the gates at 9:45 AM, 15 minutes early, and was third in line.  There were two non-ballhawks in front of me, so I felt pretty confident about being the first person into batting practice and claiming any Easter eggs.

I was the first one to the early entrance point, but the season ticket scanner wasn’t there.  A few other security guards came and said we had to wait until the scanner showed up.  I showed them I had season tickets and I even flashed my season ticket card.  They said no one could enter until the scanner showed up.  In the mean time, there were three fans with visitor passes in the bleachers. 

Ryan Doumit crushed a homerun that landed in the bleachers.  All I could do is stand helplessly and watch one of the visitor fans walk over and pick it up.  One missed opportunity.  Doumit hit another ball that hit near the bullpen.  It bounced off a bleacher and rolled down to the front row.  Luckily, the visitors didn’t see this one.  When the employee who scans the early entrance finally showed up 6 minutes late, I ran in and claimed the Doumit HR ball.  It was ball #1.

I asked Nyjer Morgan for a baseball, but he ignored me. 

Game:  6 Balls  (3 hit, 3 device)
Season:  26 Balls  (12 hit, 9 thrown, 5 device)
Games:  6 Games (5 with BP/ 1 without)
Average:  4.33 Balls per Game
Career:  192 Balls
Attendance:  20,755


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    DMB is where it’s at baby! I’m hoping to accomplish three balls in five minutes with the glove trick myself this upcoming week. We’ll see what happens, and hopefully my stats can climb. Congrats on your best outing this season so far. Just eight more to go ’til 200 lifetime!

    – Donnie

  2. padreleigh

    What a day. Double your pleasure. After the game did the DMB bus stop on a bridge over a river and empty the bathroom waste into the water? Ha ha. Just kidding! Nice snags though. I wish I could use the glove trick in SD. We get the Pirates here this coming weekend. Are you coming out?


  3. 333greystreet

    Good luck using your glove trick. You could do it if you’re real bold and try and get it before a player can walk over to it. I usually wait though to see if its unnoticed.

    It was a really busy day.

    I wish I could come out there to see the Pirates play the Padres. Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds available for a big trip like that right now.