9-16-08 PNC Park, Dodgers @ Pirates

0916081953.jpgI didn’t arrive at this game until 7 pm due to coaching a volleyball game.  I talked to several regulars about batting practice, and they said there weren’t many home runs that were hit.  I had about 11 tickets to this game – because it was an exchange game.  I turned in my unused season tickets for tickets to this game.  I did it just to get the Pirates t-shirts.

I sat out in Center Field and ball #1, the only one of
the day, from Nate McLouth.  He tossed it to me before the beginning of
the top of the 5th inning.  That was it for my snagging for the day.  I
snapped the above picture after Nate tossed me the ball.
0927081923.jpgklimchock.jpgStatistics:Game: 1 ball
Season: 117 balls
Career:  155 balls
Hit List: 155 balls ties me with Lou Klimchock for  #4037th all time on the career hits list.

Attendance: 12,741 (33.2% full)